Music Venues in Blackpool

Music Venues in Blackpool

We love a great local gig here a Guitar Lessons Blackpool! Whether it is an up and coming Blackpool born band or an international supergroup we encourage our guitar students to go have a listen. It is also great to see some of our students starting bands and beginning to gig! To help you along the road to fame we have made a short list of some of Blackpool's best gig venues to start you gigging life at as well as some of the best local venues to watch more established bands at! In no order...

Blackpool Winter Gardens have held some truly amazing gigs over the years, acts such as Pet Shop Boys, The Beatles, Queen, Oasis, Radiohead and The White Stripes all performing in the Empress Ballroom. Not to mention the Empress Ballroom being used by the Admiralty during World War I, it was here too that Blackpool Council imposed an indefinite ban on the Rolling Stones after a riot broke out during a suggestive performance in 1964. Today it plays host to gigs from likes of Ed Sheeran, Jack White and Status Quo along with many other international famous acts - an iconic venue to go and watch some of the worlds best!

The Blue Room is a great venue to start off your gigging career! With weekly open mic nights and local band gigs, as well as their famous Guns or Roses and Hot Red Chili Pepper tribute bands (seriously check out the Chili Pepper photos on The Blue Room's Facebook - they went for it that night, rock n' all!) it is just the right size and audience to impress. Loads of fun as a music venue and a great night out - make sure you check Blue Room out!

The Tavern like the Blue Room is a great music venue to start gigging or for watching up and coming local bands. Located at 115 Church Street the venue regularly plays host to small bands touring the UK, as well as slightly more established bands hailing from America and further afield. Worth checking out and certainly a venue to get some gigs at if you are a local Blackpool band!

The Sands, one of Blackpool's most famous venues nationally, has seen performances from the greats over the years. More recently the venue plays host to comedy nights and swing, jazz and blues bands drew from all quarters of the world. An extremely popular tourist attraction the quality of musicians are first class, as a guitarist, it is well worth listening to some of the old style guitarists re-performed by tribute bands on a monthly basis! You will learn a lot about how the sounds of the guitar have developed over the last fifty years.

If you are interested in starting your own band and need a place to rehearse and record, you will find our article about Recording and Rehearsing Studios in Blackpool very helpful.

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